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Solid Surface & Sheet > Features/Benefits

Solyx Solid Surface material has replaced its predecessors like marble, ply or veneer because of its high-end qualities. When one thinks of Solyx Solid Surface products, ideas such as variety, trust and strength come into mind frame instantly.


Its non-porous nature prevents moisture seepage thus blocking bacterial growth.

Heat retardant

Solyx Solid Surface products are composed to withstand heat and flame.

Stain resistant

The composition of Solyx is such that even the toughest of stains cannot last long to impair its magnificence.


The seamless fitting of the solid surface counter tops leave no gaps or cracks, adding to its grandeur, extensively used as Bar Counter Tops or Restaurant Table Tops.

Easily Molded

Solyx Solid Surface products can be molded easily either into sheets or three-dimensional artifacts, through inlays or thermoforming.

Many Looks

Solyx can be inlaid and thermoformed to resemble natural stone, granite, glass, pearl, marble, wood or veneer.

Fabrication Friendly

Solyx has no definite realm in terms of colors, shapes or sizes. It can be fabricated according to the requirement.


Solyx comes with free technical and maintenance facility for a period of two years. Its ingredients provide it an infinite durability and hassle free usage.

Easy Maintenance

Solyx needs minimum and basic care and maintenance, in comparison to granite, marble, wood or glass. It is stain and heat resistant and needs basic cleaning and wiping with soapy water and scrub pad.

Stimulating Looks

The very glimpse of Solyx makes people praise its splendidness.


The assortment of every application into opaque, translucent and transparent; with glossy, satin, matt or glass finish; infinite range of colors, shapes and sizes, lures the best designers to us.

Easily Repairable

Not only can scratches or cracks be repaired but also wear and tear caused with time due to friction or any other reason can be polished and refinished.


Ability to incorporate logos, family names, photos.