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About Us

It takes more than promises to turn dreams into reality; it takes actions. Sometimes the picture you envisage for your most treasured space does not turn out that way. Hence, you start adjusting with the colors, patterns and designs of your dream project and end up compromising with the accouterments. Most of these modifications take place either because you do not get your desired materials and designs or give in on the grounds of maintenance, cost and limitations of the raw material. But 'Solyx Solid Surface lauds the designer in you.'

Solyx Solid Surface is the flagship brand from Neospar Concepts, a Mumbai (India) based company dedicated to manufacturing and supplying articles that lend incomparable beauty to interiors.

Neospar Concepts was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Harish Khombhadia. Over the years, we have leveraged this first mover advantage and grown from strength to strength to become the market leader in the Solid Surface manufacturing and supplying space in India.

"If one dreams of an office or home with the most unique features and colors, we not only make it a reality but an everlasting one, whose gorgeousness won't fade away.", says Mr. Khombhadia, the Director of Neospar, the makers of Solyx Solid Surface.

Solyx Solid Surface is an efficient and cost-effective synthetic manufacturer and supplier, that has succeeded in replacing traditional ideas like

  • Granite, Quartz, Marble and Ceramic Tiles
  • Plywood, Veneer, Laminates
  • Paints, Lacquer, Glass and also
  • Its competitors
Solyx Solid Surface Materials
  • Can be cladded on any kind of surface like marble, ply, stone and even on a metal base
  • Can be molded into any shape
  • Is available in unlimited designs, colors and textures
  • Is heat and stain resistant
  • Is easy to maaintain and revive

We experiment and update a variety of interior designing products in a wide range of colors. Solyx exclusively manufactures and supplies the following solid surface products.

  • Customized furniture
  • Molding & cornice
  • Solyx Planters
  • Bar Counter Tops and Restaurant Table Tops
  • Hand Railings and Staircase Claddings
  • Balustrades
  • Wall Cladding
  • Pillars

All these applications are available in the following colors/ assortments. Possibilities are endless.

Unlike most other firms that only import and supply solid surface in India, Neospar is the manufacturer as well as supplier of Solyx Solid Surface. Hence, we are able to offer unlimited design, color, patterns and complete customization to our customers.

Yes! You can demand a color, design, shape and size of the objet d'art you wish to procure. We at Solyx are ready to research, experiment and develop the product to bring your designs to life. You do not have to restrict yourself to a standard run-off-the-mill option. If you can dare to design it, we are here to deliver it.

Solyx is the cream of the crop. It is no longer a substitute. IT IS THE ONLY CHOICE.

  • Exceeding customers' expectations in terms of quality, deliveries and reliability
  • Continous investment in research and development
  • Creating a technologically proficient team
  • To recognize and realize the demands of our clients

Solyx Solid Surface desires to gain and maintain the topmost position as the solid surface manufacturer and supplier in the country. We wish to continue researching and developing the finest creations to fulfill the demands of our customers and offer the widest and most innovative range of solid surface products in India.

  • We are both Manufacturers as well as Supplier
  • 100% customization
  • Over 1000 clients across the country
  • Our proprietary technique, manufacturing concept and innovation

" We admire the dedication, creativity and innovation that every designer brings to the trade. It is our constant endeavor to suppot them to bring their themes to life and lend shapes to their imagination. Architects and designers like to work with us because they appreciate the fact that we leave no stone unturned and help co-create a new masterpiece every time."

- Mr. Khombhadia, the Director of Neospar, the makers of Solyx Solid Surface.